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13 November 2017

Unilabs acquires Telemedicine Clinic, a leading European Provider of teleradiology and telepathology services

Unilabs is pleased to announce the acquisition of Telemedicine Clinic (“TMC”), a leading European provider of teleradiology and telepathology services. TMC has a network of radiologists and pathologists across Europe as well as an office in Sydney to facilitate a 24/7 on-call service. TMC is also a leading player in elective teleradiology in the Nordics and one of the top four players in the UK on-call and elective markets. Terms of the transaction were not disclosed.

"With the acquisition of TMC, we are taking a step forward in teleradiology for both elective reading and on call services in Scandinavia. This acquisition accelerates the development and implementation of digital processes in radiology and pathology, which will allow us to offer more sub-specialist reporting from top experts in their field to our customers. TMC has a strong consultant network of radiologists and pathologists with a high-quality focus and reputation in the market, which will be a great complement to Unilabs' own team in diagnostics“, said Charlotta Wikström, head of Unilabs Radiology Sweden.

“Operating in a market where the demand for pathology and radiology services is increasing rapidly when, at the same time, the number of available radiologists and pathologists is decreasing, TMC offers a unique network to foster international collaboration. In line with Unilabs’   promise to our stakeholders, that we will always provide answers that help give great care, we found a fantastic combination in Unilabs and TMC. Together, TMC and Unilabs will operate a network of over 500 specialists collaborating in the digital diagnostics network to provide best-in-class service and innovation to the pathology and radiology markets”, said Michiel Boehmer, Group COO. “We are thrilled to move on now and raise the bar for medical diagnostics in terms of quality, innovation and turnaround times.”

Alexander Böhmcker, CEO of TMC, commented: “I am delighted that TMC is becoming part of the Unilabs family. This agreement is in line with TMC’s Core Purpose to make quality healthcare accessible to all, independent of the location of patients and experts. Together with Unilabs, we want to accelerate the creation of truly integrated and digitalised diagnostic services and deliver better results and outcomes for our clients and patients. We are genuinely excited at what this transaction and partnership offers our customers and our people.”

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Telemedicine Clinic is a sub-specialist radiology and pathology diagnostics company that provides day and night reporting services and support to more than 135 public service hospitals and local health authorities in Europe. TMC works with more than 200 accredited sub-specialist radiologists and pathologists who focus on specific diagnostic areas that include Neuro, Body, Musculoskeletal, Emergency Mammography and Histopathology. Our goal is to make our company as human— as creative, inventive, caring, purpose driven - as the wonderful human beings who work inside it.

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