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22 January 2018

Unilabs to acquire Arias Stella, the biggest pathology lab in Peru

Geneva, Lima, 22 January 2018. Unilabs announced today an agreement to acquire Arias Stella, the biggest histopathology lab in Peru, for an undisclosed amount.

Arias Stella has acquired a strong reputation in the health market over the last decades and has developed trusted work-relationships not only with healthcare and diagnostic providers in Peru, but also with private customers, clinical trial industries, and health insurance companies.

"Arias Stella has built an excellent reputation and strong customer relationships thanks to its 25 years’ experience into the Peruvian health Market. Javier Arias Stella created an impressive pathology network in the Peruvian health industry, and we look forward to making this new partnership a success!” said Fernando de Górgolas, General Manager International Business at Unilabs

“This acquisition allows us to extend our reach into the Peruvian public and private healthcare market. This is also a great opportunity to expand geographically to other regions in Peru and to open the door to other neighbouring countries,” added Fernando de Górgolas.

“Moreover, we see this operation as an excellent opportunity to set and explore cross selling opportunities with Blufstein, Unilabs’ second to last acquisition in the Peruvian market. Last but not least, Arias Stella will help us to establish a base for expanding our digital pathology expertise into a complementary zone to the current Unilabs’ footprint", highlights Fernando.

"We are delighted and proud to become part of Unilabs”, Javier Arias Stella, Arias Stella CEO stated, “It will accelerate our mission to enable better health for thousands of people in Peru. Our services and solutions are highly complementary to the ones that Unilabs provides. Together, we have the potential to become the undisputed Peruvian leader in pathology services. This is a very positive development for Arias Stella’s customers and employees.”


For further information or to arrange an interview with Unilabs, please contact Pauline Kropp at media@unilabs.com or +41 22 909 77 94

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About Arias Stella

Based in Lima, Arias Stella is the home of the famous « Arias-Stella » reaction first described by Dr. Javier Arias Stella Sr. back in 1954 and aims to be at the forefront of every scientific development on the area of human pathology. As of today, Arias Stella is the biggest histopathology lab in Peru with a team of twelve medical doctors out of more than one hundred employees under the leadership of Dr. Javier Arias Stella Jr, covering a wide range of tests from histology, to cytology, to immunohistochemistry, molecular biology, genetics, flow cytometry, genetics and necropsies. Every day, Arias Stella performs more than 1,600 tests that make the difference in providing accurate diagnostics to thousands of patients countrywide.

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